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Our Westerns tour is the perfect mixture of jaw dropping scenery coupled with insightful commentary by our guides who have experience working for the hit series.

Weave through the nine glens of Antrim making your way north past untouched stretches of coastline that will transport you to the world of ice and fire.

Please wear appropriate clothing as weather in the Seven Kingdoms is known to change.


Nights Watch Deserter


Seen in S01E01

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword

Our first stop along the rugged and windswept Antrim plateau is also one of the first scenes we see in the series. The backdrop of Slemish in the distance provides a dramatic introduction to the north. Ned Stark beheads a Knights Watch deserter. Informing a disbelieving stark family that white walkers are coming and that winter is coming with them.

Arya and The Waif


Seen in S06E07

After we will travel to the small village of Carnlough. This is the location where the waif from the faceless men attempts to kill Arya. See the place where an injured Arya drags herself ashore.

Melisandre's Shadow Child

Cushendun Caves

Seen in S02E04

The night is dark and full of terrors

Next you arrive at the coast where you can explore the natural limestone caves looking out to Scotland on the horizon. The onion knight Davos and Rhollers faithful servant Melisandre arrive on the dark shores of Renly’s Camp. To the disbelief of Davos Melisandre gives birth to Renlys Asassin, the Shadow Child.

Renly's Tourney


Seen in S02E03

Larrybane is a natural plateau surround by limestone walls which was the perfect location for a combat tournament. Here is where a masked Brienne bests Sir Loras in armed cobat peaking the interst of Catyln Stark.

Theon's Return

Ballintoy Harbour

Seen in S02E02

Chosen for its picturesque and charming feel, this cozy coastal inlet was perfect for a overly confident Theon arriving on the rugged shores of the Iron Islands.

The Giants Causeway

The iconic Northern Irish Landmark

The Game of Thrones Itinerary is a great way to discover some key filming locations of the show along the stunning Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. Plotting a path through the scenic splendour of the Seven Kingdoms, it takes you to where so many of the pivotal scenes were shot. The Game of Thrones itinerary not only brings to life the drama of the series, but also provides a front row seat at locations steeped in local myth and legend, where ancient warriors walked long before leading men. Thus, no tour would be complete without a stop at the Giants Causeway!


Dunluce Castle

Seen in S02E02

Better known as the Greyjoy’s home on the Iron Islands, the castle is perched on a cliff that decends sharply to the rough and choppy waters below. As the Castle is now a ruin alot of the extra battlements were added in post production.

Dark Hedges

The Kings Road

Seen in S02E08

Immerse yourself in the join the Night's Watch! This beautiful avenue of beech trees has been used as the location for the Kingsroad in the hit show. It was planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century and intended as a compelling landscape feature to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to their Georgian mansion, Gracehill House. Two centuries later, the Dark Hedges remain a magnificent sight and have become one of the most photographed natural phenomena in Ireland.